Saturday, 16 June 2012

Steady as he goes

My partner is 'different'.  He likes things that are eclectic and unusual, he also drives like a Nana!  There's nothing better for him than to drive on the motorway at 60 mph, preferably behind a large truck.  For this reason I sometimes call him Captain Slow.
When I decided to create him a sort of a guy style smash book, the cover of the book was born.
The cover is matt board covered in printer paper I treated with water and colour wash spray.  The words "Cpt Slow" are made from chip board letters, embossed with copper powder and stamped with a rubber stampt while still hot.
The other bits on the cover are made from watch parts, copper tape (used to keep snails out of plant pots!) jointing tape (used to fix gaps or holes in plaster board) and muslin sprayed a raisin colour.

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  1. Hi, Liz, just me again. I'm enjoying a great time
    visiting your blog. It's so exciting because your work is refreshingly creative and the detailed descriptions are very helpful to this neophyte--thanks for sharing!!!



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