Sunday, 17 June 2012

All bent and twisted.....

When I decided to start being more active with painting, I didn't have an art journal.  I had a wardrobe full of scrapbook paper, or as my partner calls it: crapbook.  I had taken up scrapbooking approx 12 years ago and then just as quickly realised I didn't enjoy doing it.  My creativity went into making minature books and ephemera and then changed to playing with polymer clay and beads.
I bought some good quality paint (Golden fluid) in 2 shades of red, a blue and a yellow.  And a student grade white and black plus some matt medium.  This helps to make the paint more translucent without making it too wet (watery).  Rather than buy even more paper, I decided to use the water colour pads I already owned (used for card making),

I taped them down to my work surface, as you do.  But unfortunately every one of them has warped and become bent in the same way.  I'm not sure how I'm going to fix them or even if I'll bother.

Below are my bent and twisted lose art journal sheets.  Inspiration came from Kate Crane a brilliant mixed media artist who has some very useful art journaling DVDs.  The other big inspiration came from RachO113 whom I found on YouTube.  This lady has so much talent and I could watch her for hours,  To get started I had to borrow their concepts and ideas and I hope they see it as flattery that they made me break out the paints.  I'm now producing my own unique work but I still feel influenced by what they produce.  Thank you both.

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  1. Love these! They would make awesome framed pics! There is so much stuff out there for scrapbooking and all the 'mixed media' stuff.. I am always checking it out at our local craft store...but I have to stick to painting for now..hehe! I will check out some of the videos. Hope you have plenty of room to spread out ;o)
    Sal xx


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