Sunday, 17 June 2012

A5 Art Journal

How big should an art journal be?  I had been using an A4 water colour pad, so when I went to buy an art journal I chose A4.  No sooner had I taken it home and opened it on my desk I decided it was too big!  Thank goodness it was just a cheapy from Hobby Craft (less than 2.00 GBP).

I really wanted to buy a Moleskine but don't trust myself yet to keep going with the journaling so thought  I would just buy a nice A5 sketchbook suitable for watercolour.  The minute I got it home I was happy that the pages were smaller and it felt that it would be easier to complete a page of this new small size.  Instead of sticking to what I'd been doing, I started paper piecing! 

My photography needs to improve too.  This morning I couldn't get my Sony Cybershot to focus on anything at all and realised I'd either need to use my phone or buy a new camera.  Captain Slow to the rescue, he checked out on the Internet and found its a common problem and the fix is to bang the camera quite hard on the desk a few times!!  Well, if it wouldn't focus what did I have to lose?  I gave it 5 very hard whacks on the table and Voila!  It works - almost.

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