Saturday, 16 June 2012

Bits of Life

I had read the buzz about Smash Books and Junk Journals and really wanted to make something where I could put all the little bits of life that had no financial value but for some reason I wanted to hold on to.  I have a desk and drawer full of bits of practice art that I just think is nice.  Things I doodle while I'm on the phone, or things I find that amuse me.

So was born my 'Bits of Life' book.  The cover is made of matt board and covered in patterned paper inside and out.  I used my zutter binder to hold it all together and then attached a Tim Holtz faceplate to the front.

There is lots of room inside for me to write, draw or stick things.  I started out with the things that were just lying around on my desk.  A thank you tag I'd made and never used.  A paper heart I had left over from doing the Jennifer McGuire techniques class, I made into a face.  Just random bits of my life I want to keep.

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