Sunday, 17 June 2012

New stamp from Lynne Perrella collection

I received my goodies from Paper Artsy yesterday, included was a Lynne Perrella plate of red rubber stamps.  I've not been buying this kind of quirky stamp very long so my collection is quite limited and over the last two days I've had trouble leaving them alone.

Yesterday I prepared a couple of background pages in my journal and then started stamping on various types of paper and trying to stamps with different techniques.  Today I chose the very bright background I created yesterday in Vermilion, Red, Lime Green and Lemon and stamped in Stays On Jet Black.  Unfortunately the photo just doesn't do justice to the colours, but you'll get the idea.

I'm also learning how to use Photoshop, which has always seemed a right pain in the bum to me.  Finally I learned how to straighten my image, so shouldn't be any more 'wonky' photo's :)
There are two other pages in progress, one using a masking technique and the other which will hopefully be a ghosting technique (if I can perfect it)

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