Sunday, 7 July 2013

Morpheus Complete!

What do you get when you combine, a recipe box, broken jewellery, an old drawer pull and lots of other found objects?  You get a Morpheus box!
This was a Michael Demeng course I did and have had great fun playing with it.  The centre block is turned by either the key at the top, or the hand at the bottom.  I loved how the late afternoon sun cast shadows on the wall.

Yes, that is an eye at the bottom!

 From the side view you can tell this piece is quite deep to allow the interior panel to turn.
Paint techniques - faux metal / copper
The centre panel is made from wood and each side of the panel has a vintage photo collaged onto vintage book paper and is treated to various paint techniques.
Doctor Deranged
The top piece is a drawer pull that has been given various layers of paints and texture to make it appear old and distressed.  The hand at the bottom is from an old dolly and has also been painted extensively.

Roger, the portly landlord
The key at the top is a radiator bleeding key that was painted and textured.  

Mr Evil
The studs down each side of the front are half pearls painted to resemble metal that has tarnished.  
The round piece at the base is the back from a brooch and the ivory face is made from a mold of a Star Wars figurine.  It is made from polymer clay and painted in faux aged ivory.

Alice the office werewolf
I'm so pleased I did this course, it showed me how to look at familiar objects in a very different way.


  1. It's so cool... and looks brill on the wall! Bravo!

  2. This is just so amazing. I love the way you have used your objects to make something completely different, and I love the way the pictures turn round. I would really like to see this in real life, it must have taken quite a long time to make.


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