Saturday, 20 July 2013

Adventures with mica!

I've played with various types of mica for years, mostly because they sparkle and I like that.  However mica powders and mica flakes are not a patch on mica tablets or sheet mica!
I ordered some a couple of weeks ago and have been playing.  You can see the results below:

Looks like a stained glass window
 Mica is a rock, and when it arrived it was in a relatively thick sheets (like mount board thickness).  I was surprised to discover it didn't snap when I bent it, I wobbled it and eventually took a pair of scissors to it!
When I ran my thumb nail over the edge I found it was easy to de-laminate various layers, until they became super thin. and even more flexible.

You can see some minor de-lamination in the sheet above

The piece above is alcohol ink dripped onto glossy card stock as the substrate.  Unfortunately, you can't see the reflective quality of the mica in the photo's.   I peeled off a thin sheet of mica and stamped it with StazOn ink.  So far I haven't had much luck with other inks, but that is experimentation for another day.  After stamping, I glued the mica sheet to the substrate with Glossy Accents and once dry, I cut it with craft scissors.
Reminds me of ice!
I then tried embossing it in a folder.  The piece I embossed was almost full thickness and I was absolutely stunned with the result.  The various layers de-laminated where the embossing was and turned the whole thing into a beautiful mirror like finish.  Unfortunately it was too thick and reflective to see the substrate, so I carefully peeled off a layer.  It isn't as easy to peel whole layers once they are embossed.  There is a tendency for it to split away, but you get some lovely pieces that can be used elsewhere.
Close up of embossing and de-lamination
This piece is also alcohol ink on glossy card stock, with a layer of embossed mica over the top.  The stamping was done after it was put together and I added some blue dewdrops to finish it.

Thanks for looking and back to the experimentation!


  1. Very pretty! Love both of them, especially the one with all the words :) Sal x

  2. beautiful effects!

    wow, you are brave...:-)
    I wouldn't have dared trying embossing the 'hardly bendable/non breakable sheet of rock' in a plastic folder. Does it not break the embossing folder?

    1. The mica is rock but it is very flexible so no problem with it in the embossing folder. I have a feeling you could fold it in half without it snapping :)

  3. Your experiments in art are always fun to read about. This one looks fascinating with all the shiny textural surfaces. I was wondering if acrylic inks would work, I have used them on metals and they seem to stick.

  4. These are SO cool Liz! I REALLY like these!


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