Tuesday, 11 December 2012

You little sew and sew

A month or so ago I entered a swap to create a printers tray from a used Graze box.  (recycled boxes used to ship dried fruits and nuts)  We were each supplied with a used box and challenged to create a printers tray in the style selected by our partner - my partner chose vintage sewing.
Sewing / Vintage sewing isn't my favourite theme and I have no stamps or ephemera associated with it.  Not to mention that the Graze box horrified me and I couldn't see how anyone could make anything remotely attractive from it.
Top of the printers tray
I threw away the entire content of the Graze box, cut off all flaps and anything that stuck out!  (These things are all fold and tuck).  I then covered with sacrificial paper, just to add strength and cover the nasty brown recycled box.  I bought some chipboard sewing ephemera and used a tailors dummy on the lid.  I used pink in the centre and brown on the edges although it looks green in the photo.  The paper on the outside of the lid is gorgeous although I can't remember the make
Inside Lid 
On another tailors dummy I applied shabby pink embossing enamel and printed out a sewing image I found on the net plus some buttons.  The edges here are covered with Tim Holtz tissue tape.

I had thrown away the inside but made divisions using poster board and my hot glue gun before covering the edges with tissue tape in pink. The base of the tray compartments are some of my favourite papers and one I made myself.
Inside Printers Tray
I filled the compartment with various ephemera and images I found on the net, except for one item.  I went to an antique fair and found a real vintage packet, containing real needles so I bought this and added it to one of the compartments.  Needless to say I didn't glue it into place.  My swap partner has received it now so I am able to share.


  1. Beautiful creations, especially the box below is amazing.
    Hugs Anja

  2. Beautiful "real" artwork Liz!
    Mine is entirely digital! :)

  3. Gorgeous collage work Liz I adore shadow boxes and your is excellent!

  4. Liz you have done a wonderful job with the box, love it, the things you have added are so lovely.

  5. Gorgeous 'real' assemblage. Love it.


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