Sunday, 9 September 2012

What colour is your memory?

Today is the Sunday Postcard Art challenge and when I saw that the theme was 'memories', my mind turned to old things, sepia images, romantic papers and backgrounds: and I didn't want to make that kind of art today!
I had almost decided to not do a posting today but told myself to make a background and see if my enthusiasm changed, and it did.

Happy Day at the Sea side
I sprayed the postcard with Bubblegum pink, turquoise, and sunshine yellow and then let the colours run and blend.  As I watched it dry, I decided this was far more like my memories.  So with that I went hunting for a photo of me as a young girl (totally politically incorrect, holding a monkey on a sea side pier), but that photo brought back so many happy and joyful memories.
This is about the only time I've bothered with photo manipulation, I used a radial vignette on the photo and printed it on velum, so that the images beneath would show through.

The quote from Robert Willmott seemed really fitting for the bright image I created.


  1. What a beautiful postcard Liz and great original thoughts about color memory...excellent!

  2. This is really spectacular, Liz! Your colours would fit our current challenge at Soartful perfectly!

    And the font in my piece that you commented on is called "Sweetly Broken" from the Internet for free.

  3. Those are my colours, too, Liz, fantastic piece!

  4. Gorgeous cards - I love the bright colours you've used, and your photo turned out great on the vellum.

    Cindy :)


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