Monday, 24 September 2012

Broken glass?

This morning I have a day off work and I'm letting my muse have full reign.  I started the Take A Word challenge quite late this week (this morning actually) and decided to do an underwater piece with a mermaid, but my muse had other ideas!

I was playing with UTEE and discovered (for me it was a discovery) that I could make it look like glass, and that if I did things to the faux glass, it looked like stained glass.

Broken dragonfly
The piece is postcard size and sprayed with London Blue and Vibrant Turqoise (ready for the underwater scene I didn't make).   I wiped some of the ink off through letter stencils and a border stencil.  I stamped the Tim Holtz dragonfly in StayzOn ink black.

I then spent a ridiculous amount of time melting layer after layer of UTEE with my heat gun.  Once it was thick enough to look like glass I had a flash of inspiration and lay some fairy film over the top and heated again.
Once cool I removed the 'faux glass' from my craft mat and stamped it in StayzOn metallic gold.  After another blast from the heat gun I started to roughly cut it as though it were being cut from glass.  Then to make the colours 'pop' I painted the back in Mars black.  Voila - stained glass!

The strip of copper down the right hand side (it's from the garden centre to deter snails) is embossed and then distressed with paint.

I'll have to do the underwater scene another time :)


  1. Isn't it strangely wonderful how things change when you start creating art? This is a beautiful, original piece and I thank you for explaing how you did it. I look forward to seeing the underwater piece...xx

  2. i love this shimmer, looks gorgeous!

  3. I must get my UTEE out to play! I like the background too.

  4. What a treasure of patience & of beauty!
    Very very well done Liz!
    Thanks a lot for the explanations, very interesting indeed!

  5. Thank you for sharing your jourmey of creation for this beautiful piece! What a treasure!

  6. Gorgeous piece Liz, love the colours !

  7. I bet you had a fabulous day creating, Liz, beautiful blue piece, love it!

  8. Wow. Truly an awesome experiment!

  9. wow its fabulous, very creative!

  10. So beautifully made Liz, I bought some UTEE a while ago, you have inspired me to try it, thanks.

  11. Quel travail pour cette carte Liz!
    C'est toujours interessant d'essayer diverses techniques !
    Bravo pour votre patience !

  12. Your broken layout is wonderful. I love the copper strip to the right. Another wonderful inspiration for me to enjoy! Thanks, Liz!


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