Sunday, 2 June 2013

Steampunk notebook!!

Life has been hectic lately with not enough hours in the day.  However, you can never be too busy to play with art supplies!  This notebook cover is something I made a few weeks ago but had not photographed until today.
I haven't put the pages inside or applied the binding yet.
I see steampunk in there!
 This started life as a hard back, spiral bound notebook from Sainsbury 21 x 15 cm.   The rest is all from my art supplies.  I started out withe steampunk sections.  Most parts are made with grunge paper with a little plastic used for the gears and some half dome pearls for bolts.

 Various layers of paint, washes and dry brushing give it a metallic look. The final dry brush layer was silver paint, which you can see has hit the high spots.

The 'metal' strapping is actually grunge paper with the holes made with a hole punch.  The punch pieces are then used in other areas as rivets.

Inside the front cover is a page from a 1931 edition of Punch with a phrenology head stamped over it.  The edges have been given a faux burned effect and I stamped some 'blotches' in a rusty orange colour.  The circle around the eye is Golden Iridescent Bronze - gorgeous paint.

The back of the book inside cover is the same except no circle around the eye and the outer back cover is plain 'rock'


  1. This is adorable!!!! Absolutely Stunning art! Love it!!!
    XOxO SanDee1899

  2. I've never done anything like this - it's pretty amazing with all your 3D effects. I love the way you have used a page from an old Punch, and golden iridescent bronze! - just the name is enough.

  3. Fabulous! The colors you did on the gears along with all the extra bits give it just the right touch! Now I need to go make one too! Thanks for sharing.

  4. This looks fantastic!!! I love this.

  5. Oh, take a bow, this is fantastic.


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