Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Secret Recipes!

I love playing with techniques, textures, recipes and effects and have been doing lots of them lately.  So that I don't forget what I've done, what worked and what doesn't,  I have finally created a little book to put them in. I call my book of samples.

Needing something to decorate the front of the book I have been on the lookout for a couple of weeks for the perfect item and I found it last weekend at a car boot sale.  It's a Starwars figurine that I used to make a mold, then created a flat back piece in polymer clay before painting with a faux aged ivory / bone effect.  The book is approx 8.5cm x 10cm and approx 4.5cm thick!

Let the force be with me
I have a feeling I will be making subsequent volumes since I don't intend to stop doing this anytime soon.

The front and back inside cover use old text roughly torn and glued to the substrate then using an edge painting effect before covering with a fine crackle medium and rubbing in a medium to highlight the cracks.  On the right hand side is the first page of the sample - burned copper.


  1. Liz this is absolutely amazung! A wonderful piece! xx

  2. Liz this is stunning! The 'alien skin' looks just perfect and the star wars figurine is a gorgeous embellishment on the front. Great work. Unfortunately I still haven't had the time to do something presentable :-( Suzanne

  3. wow Liz your art is so amazing I just love it amazing!
    XOXO SanDee

  4. This is so cool, especially that effigy you casted for the cover. Blessings!


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