Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Special Effects Time!

I have been a little quiet lately, not because I'm not doing art, but because I have had some new art projects on the go.  I am taking the Andy Skinner Book of Ruination course.  It's been great fun so far and it's kept me quiet.

I made a few items and finished up with this mask based on the techniques taught on the course.  (Yes, steampunk I've probably done to death previously).
My brother was The Terminator!
It's not to everyone's taste I agree, but as a technique I love it and had so much fun.  I will probably use a version of the technique in my art journal too although we are told it won't work on paper (impossible is such a delicious temptation).

I am also making book covers with this technique and the book will contain my faux painting technique samples and recipes.  If only I had known how much I love doing these things when I was younger.  A career in special effects would have been awesome!


  1. It's absolutely my taste ;o) love it very much! It's fabolous ... Suzanne

  2. It's a quite amazing mask. This course must be fun, it's always good to make something new.

  3. Having fun on the same course, nice to come across your blog :)


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