Thursday, 1 November 2012

I'm all heart today

I recently entered a jumbo ATC swap and I chose to do the theme 'hearts'  I produced three different types of techniques and put each one on a jumbo ATC.

The first heart is the faux metal / gold technique I further adapted and used in a recent piece.  I've have fallen in love with the burnt orange / turquoise colour combination lately.  So stunning in real life.  Here I used Golden fluid acrylics to mix up the colours before applying to the Matt board.

The second heart is rust technique, which isn't faux, it's real rust.  Its created by painting the heart with iron filings and then applying vinegar.

The third heart is faux tin, that I've also used on a piece recently.  It's a simple heat embossing technique that has the shine taken away by distressing with black acrylic paint.

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