Friday, 10 August 2012

Fairies at the bottom of my garden?

I bought the Kate Crane DVD set 3 / 4 and decided to use a background technique she demonstrated.  Once I'd completed the background I realised I didn't have a clue what the page would be about.  I started playing around with various stamps and ended up using a toadstool stamp from the Dylusions range.  Having coloured and cut it out, I knew what else I needed - a fairy!
I'm not usually good with cutesy pictures so went on the hunt for a good image I could use.  Maybe a small vintage child image I could add wings...  I just couldn't find anything so in the end almost decided on yet another quirky drawing.
After several attempts I realised I couldn't draw a quirky fairy, because fairies are quirky.
Fairy in the forest
Instead I set about drawing what is part fairy, part pixie :)  Whatever she is, she's happy, and I like that.
I must buy some more Promarkers or Copic markers for these small faces / bodies.  trying to use heavy, gloopy paint just doesn't cut it.  Her wings have the tiniest touch of glitter, which you may just be able to see.
Just sitting on my toadstool feeling happy


  1. Very cute... that would make a nice poster for a kids room :) I'm not the greatest freehand drawer either... I like to use a reference, and even then they never really come out right..hehehe. Sal x


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